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Never ever have people been more crazier about their appearance than in this era of selfies and social media…Here’s a list of 5 dental treatments that will make your smile all pretty pretty!!

Power bleaching : Whitening of teeth that happens in the dental clinic, can make your teeth multiple shades whiter and this effect can last from 3 months to a good one year depending on consumption of foods like tea, coffee, turmeric etc. The results are very subjective in terms of shade change and the duration of its retention. It is completely non invasive i.e. no permanent change is made to your tooth structure and is approved as a safe treatment modality by the Indian Dental Association. So go ahead and get sparkling white teeth! Happy bleaching!

Veneers: A veneer is used to treat minor abnormalities of teeth like marginal gap between two teeth, chipped teeth or slightly crooked teeth. It is also used to cover up tough stains on your teeth which refuse to go by cleaning and bleaching. Moreover you can also change the shape of your front teeth if you desire. It is an invasive procedure unlike bleaching and involves removing a layer of enamel to make place for these thin ceramic shells aka veneers.

Invisible braces : Long gone are the days when braces were for kids and teens. More and more adults want well aligned teeth and so dentistry has advanced to invisible braces where an adult can be all braced up without it being noticed by their colleagues or friends.

Implants: This is the magic treatment which replaces missing natural teeth in a way that it replicates the natural teeth in best possible way, aesthetically and functionally which means they look super natural and you can enjoy all your favourite foods like the hard nuts and fruits and meat too!! Moreover it’s once in a lifetime procedure and you’re good to go. Although one thing to keep in mind would be that it is a surgical procedure so you will need a thumbs up from your physician as well as your dentist.

Tooth Jewellery : This is for people who in addition to sparkling white teeth, desire additional aesthetics. These are little studs placed on your front teeth. They look beautiful and are completely safe as they can be bonded with teeth in the same manner as your braces. This also makes for an amazing idea to enhance their looks for the bride to be.

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