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After Care

Post-Operative Instructions following Crown and Bridge, Crowns, Inlays, or Onlays while wearing a temporary Crown or Bridge

After the permanent restoration has been delivered

Post-Operative Instructions Following Scaling and Root Planing

For the first 24 Hours

Things to Do

As the gums heal they will appear to be pink, less swollen, and will bleed less when you floss. Post-Operative Instructions Following Delivery of Dentures/Cast Partials.

The following will help you to use and properly care for your new denture

With proper care we expect you to have years of satisfied use of your dentures. However overtime, there are changes in your jawbone and gums. When this occurs, your dentures/partials will feel loose and may require relining. Wearing ill-fitting dentures/partials for too long without refitting can cause severe bone loss and very serious oral disease. Please call our office if these symptoms occur.

After Care for Oral Surgery | Instructions After Tooth Extraction

Here are some instructions after tooth extraction and oral surgery

Post-Operative Instructions Following Fillings

Post-Operative Instructions following Periodontal (Gum Treatment) Surgery

Post-Operative Instructions for Implant Treatment

You have finished a very important phase of your implant treatment, and now it is time to begin the healing process. It is important to understand that some discomfort, swelling, and bruising is normal. Every patient is different and there is no way of predicting if you will experience any of these symptoms. The medications that have been prescribed to you will help keep you comfortable for the next few days. Refrain from eating for at least two hours and until the anesthesia has worn off.

Things to Avoid for the first 24 hours

Things to Do

Several days after treatment your gums should begin to appear pinker, less swollen, and will bleed less when you floss. These are signs of healing and improving periodontal health. If you have any questions or problems, please call our office.

Implant Surgery

Root Canal Treatment

Ansh dental can provide you with the best advice and care, our team is an expert in after care for oral surgery and care after tooth extraction, so if you are facing any issue after your oral surgery, contact us to get the best advice today.