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Food for happy teeth


If you think only brushing and flossing could keep your teeth healthy, let’s change that….

Here’s a list of teeth friendly foods that you should totally add to your diet.

  • CHEESE : A super news for the cheese lovers, this tasty treat is rich in calcium and whey protein which strengthen the teeth and the bones. Also it stimulates more saliva secretion which helps cleanse the mouth thereby preventing cavities.(Along with cheese other dairy products like milk and yogurt also are good for teeth, when consumed sugarfree of course!)
  • APPLES : Also known as nature’s tooth brush, due it’s fibre content,rubs against the tooth structure and removes the sticky layer formed by refined foods like biscuits ,cakes and chocolates. So it can become the next ideal food to treat your sweet tooth!
  • RAW VEGGIES : It takes efforts to chew vegetables like carrots, beetroot, cucumber ,celery…but all this crunching ain’t useless. This vigorous chewing disturbs the dental plaque due to its abrasive texture and produces more saliva thereby clearing the bacteria from the tooth surfaces. And bonus they work wonders for our overall health too.

  • TEA : Both the black and green teas contain compounds called polyphenols, which slow down the growth of the bacteria which cause cavities and gum diseases.( The added refined sugars in the tea affect its potential to hinder bacteria growth, so try going sugarfree)
  • FLUORIDATED WATER : Now this is a complete no brainer, the fluoride present in the water strengthens your teeth and makes them resistant to cavities. Also gargling after every meal clears the mouth of random food particles stuck here and there, and it neuralizes the acid produced in the mouth.( In 2011, WHO recommended 0.5 to 1.5 mg fluoride per litre of water depending on other local sources of fluoride)

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