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Fluoride is widely known as a great CAVITY fighter. But what makes fluoride so good? How does it help prevent cavities and keep your teeth strong? Let’s see what Dr Anisa at Ansh Dental Clinic advises.

Preventing Tooth Decay & Cavities: Your mouth is full of bacteria that interacts with the starches in your mouth and produces acid that will penetrate and damage the enamel in your teeth, leading to the creation of cavities.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in some foods and drinks that can help protect your teeth from this bacteria. It is able to inhibit the ability of the bacteria-produced acid from damaging the enamel. Fluoride is also beneficial to your teeth in that it can help rebuild and strengthen the enamel by the process of remineralization in teeth, proactively helping you fight off decay and cavities. It is also known to help fight off the bacteria in the first place, not allowing them to produce the acids that could damage your teeth.

Many Different Forms: The way most people apply fluoride is through fluoridated toothpastes and mouth washes. Your local Dentist can also conduct a fluoride treatment in a concentrated form with a gel, foam, or varnish treatment. In India , the water is non fluoridated, so the only way you can get the fluoride is by regular professional topical fluoride applications by your dentist.

Important at Every Age: Fluoride exposure is important for adults, children, and even infants. For infants getting their first tooth up to kids getting their permanent teeth, fluoride can help protect their teeth from the acid producing bacteria and strengthen their enamel. Fluoride is great for the development of teeth, but it is just as important for adults to ensure they keep their teeth in great shape for life. Fluoride can even assist in treating certain oral health conditions; additional fluoride treatments may be required to help those with frequent cavities, gum disease, or even dry mouth.

Ansh Dental Clinic located at Jogeshwari west provides all kinds of flouride treatments including gel, foam & varnish.

Tooth Decay is Avoidable. Fluoride can help you keep your teeth strong and clean. Brushing with fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes, along with periodic fluoride applications by your Dentist can help you keep off Tooth Decay.

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