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The Gum Health Campaign

The “Gum Health Campaign”

If you can make even “ONE ” person aware,the rest shall follow.”The Gum Health Campaign” starts on a positive note with the man himself Mr Mussavir Contractor – Classic Tours & Travels,who is responsible for sending a large number of pilgrims to Hajj ( annual holy pilgrimage of muslims),getting his own GUMS treated.

Gum disease is more common than most people know. It outnumbers the cases of cancer, heart disease and even arthritis. However, the clear majority of people are neither aware of its prevalence nor the consequences it can have on your overall health if left untreated,explains Dr Shoeb – Gum Surgeon ( Principal Dentist at Ansh Dental Clinic.

For example, are you aware that Gum Disease…

…affects 85% of adults ?

…is the leading cause of tooth loss?

…can be referred to as the “Silent Killer?”

…has links to other serious conditions that include some forms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and strokes?

Dr Shoeb gives some Oral Health Tips to Hajj pilgrims as they travel and plan their Holy Pilgrimage.

Check out the video in the link