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Dentistry for kids

Dentistry for kids

Ansh Dental Clinic is proud to be one of the few dental practices in Mumbai, providing dentistry for infants, children and teens. Our mission is to create a trusting and compassionate relationship with your child, ultimately fostering optimal oral health lasting a lifetime!

Dentistry for kids
Dentistry for kids

Dr Anisha & her team, provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere that helps remove any anxiety your child may have.

It is our philosophy to provide the highest standard of care by utilizing state of the art technology, making Ansh Dental Clinic  the preferred practice to get your little one for all her dental needs.

Dr Anisha creates a trusting and compassionate relationship with her patients while welcoming parents to be involved in their child’s treatment.

Note to Parent:  Please read this before bringing in your child for the first time.
Dear Parent

I invite you to Ansh Dental Clinic,where together you & me can contribute towards developing a
positive and proactive attitude towards dental health in your child.
The initial appointments are very important in children`s attitude formation towards dental
You may recall your childhood dental visits with anxiety or perhaps fear. Many people continue
to dread dental visits as adults and avoid them as far as possible, to their own detriment.
Fortunately, dental medicine has progressed extensively over the years. Our children can now
benefit from new knowledge, techniques, tools and materials. These enable us to provide safe,
pleasant and effective treatment in a reassuring environment, with minimal pain and discomfort.
As a parent you can be instrumental in encouraging a positive attitude in your child towards
dental care. I can understand your apprehension in the initial visits, but please do not let your
child see your anxiety. Your child will sense that you are worried and will presume that there is a
reason for fear.
A useful contribution you can make is to prepare your child for his/her first visit to the dentist.
Let it not come as a surprise. Try and prepare your child to expect a new experience that will
excite him/her. This approach enables children to view their dental visit as an opportunity to
meet some new people who want to help them stay healthy.

Here are some Do`s & Don`ts for the FIRST DENTAL VISIT.
  • Bribe your child into going to the dentist or use dental visit as punishment.
  • Communicate your own fears to your child.
  • Let anyone tell your child scary stories about dental visits
  • Be a good role model yourself.
  • Accompany your child at least for the first visit.
  • While making the first appointment tell the dental staff about your chils`s
    nature, personality & any relevant medical history.

Your co-operation will go a long way in your child enjoying a pleasant and successful dental

Dr Anisha Shaikh.