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How to prepare your Child’s first Dentist appointment?

There a lot of ‘firsts’ in your child’s life – first smile, first laugh, first word, first step, first tooth, and many more. Each ‘first’ serves as an important milestone! When your little one’s smile is complete, you will want to make their first dental appointment – typically by age two.

By making an appointment with a dentist who is well versed with handling kids ( kid’s dentist) you are taking the first important step towards a better dental future for your child! We strive to make every step of the appointment process an easy one. In order to make the appointment smooth for everyone involved, we have established some simple guidelines to ensure a great experience for your child.

If your child is coming in as a new patient or a returning patient, you can explain the appointment as follows:

First, you are going to take pictures of your teeth. This is important because these pictures will help the dentist see if there are any bugs that live in and on your teeth.

After your pictures, you will be seated in a really comfortable chair that goes up and down.

Next, you will have your teeth cleaned with a special toothbrush and some floss that can get all the yucky bugs off of your teeth.

Once they are done brushing your teeth, the dentist will come and count your teeth using both a “mirror” and a “tooth counter” to make sure that there are no more bugs on your teeth. If you follow directions really well, you will be able to get a special prize when you are all done!

We highly recommend that you DO NOT use the word “NEEDLE” or “SHOT” when describing how dental work will be performed on your child. We like to use the phrase “SLEEPY JUICE,” which is less scary for a young child. This is especially true if your child has just received vaccinations while at their pediatrician’s office (as you can imagine, that was probably not a fun experience for them). Most children respond poorly during dental injections because of increased fear or anxiety brought about by the anticipation of receiving an injection.

You will be pleased to know that Dr Anisha Patel Shaikh at Ansh Dental Clinic located at S.V Jogeshwari west is highly proficient in managing even the most difficult kids.Being a certified ” Storyteller” she combines her storytelling skills while treating even the most anxious kids.She is also certified in the delivery of conscious sedation – laughing gas therapy for treating very anxious kids.

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