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Hey you guys..we’ve compiled a list of foods good for your gums after amazing response to the blog on foods good for your teeth..hope this helps!!

ONIONS: They have proven to be a superfood for gums as they can completely wipeout the bacteria that can cause gum diseases. Sure, they make your breath smell bad but one can always have a mouth freshener or a sugarfree gum after that. So do try adding these to your salads, sandwiches and burgers.

SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS : Amazing news for mushroom lovers, this mushroom contains a substance called lentinan which disrupts the plaque formation on your teeth, and is highly anti inflammatory( reduces swelling and tenderness of gums) and thereby keeps your gums happy and healthy.

FOODS RICH IN PROBIOTICS: These foods support the good bacteria in the mouth (yes!! Good bacteria do exist in our mouth and as much as we do not need the bad bacteria, we need these for a healthy mouth.) This helps reduce plaque and swelling. A few examples of probiotic foods are traditional buttermilk, yogurt and pickled cucumbers.

STRAWBERRIES AND KIWIS : These tasty treats have high content of vitamin C, which protects the collagen in the gums. For all the curious souls, collagen is that substance in the gums which keeps them intact without which they would become extra tender and breakdown.What’s more, it is said that these fruits remove stains off the tooth surface and make them whiter.

SWEET POTATOES : They contain beta carotene which fights against all gum disease causing microbes, besides they have high content of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese which are beneficial for oral and general health. You can incorporate these into soups, salad bowls, tikkis and chats.

We really hope our blogs help you, do let us know what topics you’ll are interested in the upcoming ones!!