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TAKE THEM SHOPPING : First things first , the children are more likely to get motivated to brush if they like their brushing tools,so let the child pick up a toothbrush of their favourite colour or of their favourite cartoon character , and a fancy toothpaste of their choice.(kids of this generation are lucky to have them in all amazing flavours like apple, strawberry, bubblegum..and so on)

SET A GOOD EXAMPLE: Children generally tend to follow what their parents do, so brush your teeth along with your child and simultaneously guide them about the correct brushing techniques.
Habits developed in this manner go a long way.

MAKE IT A FUN ACTIVITY : Make brushing something they look forward to everyday.You can either play their favourite rhyme, have some music on and dance a little, make funny faces in the mirror or even give them a superhero cape to put on as they fight the dental bugs.

REWARD THEM : Positive reinforcement is very important for children to develop long term habits, so once they’re done let them play for a while with their favourite toy or give them stars for doing a good job.It can be anything small, nothing significant.

So do try these tips and tricks and let us know which ones work the best…Happy brushing!!