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6 Reasons why you should consider making FLOSSING a daily Habit.

Why is flouride good for our teeth?

Fluoride is widely known as a great CAVITY fighter. But what makes fluoride so good? How does it help prevent cavities and keep your teeth strong? Let’s see what Dr Anisa at Ansh Dental Clinic advises. Preventing Tooth Decay & Cavities: Your mouth is full of bacteria that interacts with the starches in your mouth […]

Top 5 cosmetic treatments in Dentistry.

Never ever have people been more crazier about their appearance than in this era of selfies and social media…Here’s a list of 5 dental treatments that will make your smile all pretty pretty!! Power bleaching : Whitening of teeth that happens in the dental clinic, can make your teeth multiple shades whiter and this effect […]


Hey you guys..we’ve compiled a list of foods good for your gums after amazing response to the blog on foods good for your teeth..hope this helps!! ONIONS: They have proven to be a superfood for gums as they can completely wipeout the bacteria that can cause gum diseases. Sure, they make your breath smell bad […]


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If you think only brushing and flossing could keep your teeth healthy, let’s change that.. Here’s a list of teeth friendly foods that you should totally add to your diet. 1.CHEESE : A super news for the cheese lovers, this tasty treat is rich in calcium and whey protein which strengthen the teeth and the […]

The Gum Health Campaign

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