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3 Myths About Tooth Implants -Pain, Expense and Time – Dr Shoeb Explains.

Dental tooth implants have been in use for more than 40 years! Even though they are quite common, there are three “myths” that I hear people say all the time.

1. Dental implants are painful.

2. Dental Implants are expensive.

3. Dental implants take a long time.

1. Dental implants are painful! FALSE!

In my experience of more than a decade of placing dental implants, most of my patients say, “that was much easier than I thought!” There are three things that will predict whether this procedure will hurt. The ease or difficulty of your particular case is first. The second factor is your immunity & body’s capacity to heal. And third, the skill and training of your implant dentist.

Pain should not be a factor in your decision making process. Choose the treatment that will give you the best result.

Although I do write NASAIDs analgesic prescriptions most of my patients end up just one or two tablets.I use ” inhalation/ laughing gas sedation ” especially if the patient is very anxious

2. Dental implants are expensive! FALSE! Dental implants do not cost much more than an average good quality 3 tooth bridge. In our clinic Ansh Dental at Jogeshwari west,Mumbai the cost is almost identical. The long-term cost for having an implant versus a bridge is much lower, since a bridge will be replaced every 7 -15 years. Your dental implant will most likely never need to be replaced! If you have a bridge, your adjacent teeth will be irreversibly ground down into little nubs. This fact alone is worth it.

3. Dental implants take a long time! FALSE!

Having an implant usually takes 2 – 4 months on average. A bridge takes 3 – 6 weeks. It is a short term sacrifice for a long term benefit! Bone by nature, takes a while to heal. Have you ever broken a bone and had to wear a cast? I’m sure you had to wear it for a several weeks! The bone around a newly placed implant has to mend, just like the bones in your arm would have to. A bone graft, may or may not extend the amount of time it takes for healing. In our clinic , you will always have a temporary tooth. You don’t have to walk around with missing teeth during the process.